1998 Mount Rushmore
International Writing Contest
Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln:
Presidents with Visions for America

If they could speak today,
what might they say?

First Place Winners

Adult Poetry: Ellen Jackson, Santa Barbara, CA
Adult Prose:
John Edward Hempe, Rapid City, SD
Adult Prose/All 4:
Charlotte Rostad, Rapid City, SD
Teenagers: Austin O'Malley, St. Paul, MN
Children: Sorrel McKay, Wall, SD

Second Place Winners
Adult Poetry/All 4: Arthur L. Oakes, Hermosa, SD
Adult Poetry:
Jill A. Martin, Bowler, WI
Adult Prose
: Virginia Lautenschlager, Hot Springs, SD
Amber Lee Stewart, Madison, SD
Amanda Johnson, Rapid City, SD

Third Place Winners
Adult Poetry: Mandy King, Ventura, CA
All Four:
Sabina Wells, Box Elder, SD
Adult Poetry:
Tom Roberts, Sioux Falls, SD
Adult Prose - College:
Stuart Whitman, Australia
Adult Prose:
Kim Burkhardt, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Adult Prose:
Cody Thomas, Rapid City, SD

Additional Winners
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