Mount Rushmore Int'l Contest 2004 Results

Inspired by Mt. Rushmore National Memorial
The Contest
Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt and Lincoln
Presidents with Visions for America ...and the World
If they could speak, what would they say about the Pledge of Allegiance?

The Contest closed March 31, 2004

Thanks to all who participated.
From many good entries, we have selected the following winners.



The Person in the Arena - Living The Pledge of Allegiance

It is not he/she who recites the Pledge of Allegiance flawlessly who counts, not the person who points out its shortcomings or that of the people for whom it was written. The credit belongs to the doer who actually lives it, who errs and comes up short but who has great enthusiasms and devotions to persevere. The doer dares to commit, to fight, to triumph or to fail, and always, at least, to try. For the nation and the individual, the greatest doer must also be a great dreamer to envision clearly the beauty of LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Vesper Fe Marie Llaneza Ramos
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
College of Medicine, University of the Philippines

Prize: $500 US Savings Bond
Ms. Ramos is our first international top prize winner.
Because bonds are only available to American Citizens, a cash prize of $250 is being substituted.



Through Jefferson's Eyes

Through these eyes of stone,
I have watched the years pass,
And a Promise of Fidelity to the nation written
That testaments our people's unity and loyalty

But now, its content is in question
Its wording found "offensive" by a few
Whom seem to like hearing
The sound of their own voices.

The recognition of the divine
Is not a sign of weakness, but of strength
It gives the work a greater purpose,
Like it did to my Declaration written so long ago

The Pledge should remain unchanged
and unquestioned as it is.
Watch it withstand the test of time.

Andy Vink
Cockeysville, Maryland
Calvert Hall College High School, Grade 10
Teacher Mr. Kropp
Subject: AP World History

Prize: $250 in US Savings Bonds



Abraham Lincoln 2004

Spinning through air and moments,
from stadiums to tanks,
from mills to classrooms,
from taxi's to expanses of desert,
eyeballing our nation, the states now united,
I speak.

The time is long,
even a nation of progress must process
but liberty and justice for all
are on their way, only, stalled,
stuck sometimes in semantic squabbles
or lights that won't turn green.

But, yes, I pledge allegiance to our flag,
and to our struggles,
I pledge allegiance to our midnight souls,
and to our quick grins,
I pledge allegiance to outing wrong and inning right,
I proudly pledge allegiance, America.

Jeremy Dillon
Ellicott City, Maryland
Calvert Hall College High School, Grade 10
Teacher Mr. Kropp

Prize: $250 in US Savings Bonds


Winning Teacher: Mr. Kropp
Calvert Hall College High School

Prize: Mt. Rushmore Posters