Mt. Rushmore International Contest

Contest Closes 3/31/04
2003-2004 Pledge of Allegiance Contest Rules

1. Free. No fees of any kind.
2. Anyone, of any age, anywhere may enter once per calender month.
3. You must use the official internet form on the website. (Sorry, no postal entries accepted.)
4. Contest closes midnight 3/31/2004, MST (Mt. Rushmore's time zone). Winners will be announced in April or May 2004.
5. Entries will be judged on general criteria including:
message, accuracy, tone, originality, clarity, ingenuity, validity and refinement.
6. In case of a tie, the prizes will be divided among the winners. Winners will be posted on this website and notified by e-mail or telephone.
7. Prizes will be delivered to winners at no cost to them
8. Winners of Prizes
agree to have their entries, names, city, state and country published at this website and elsewhere as deemed appropriate by MRCI. Street and e-mail addresses and phone numbers remain private. We do not sell or distribute any personal information!
9. Judges decisions are final. By entering, contestant agrees to abide by the rules and to accept the decisions of the judges. Entries will not be returned, so, if you wish make a copy for yourself before submitting.
10. Mt. Rushmore Contests, Inc. reserves the right to improve and modify this contest as it deems necessary.
11. This contest is void where prohibited by law, though we are unaware of such a repressive place.